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Angela's Christmas (2018)

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Set in Ireland in the 1910s, 'Angela's Christmas' is a funny, heart-warming and poignant story about the power of family and the innocent desire of a child to ensure everyone is safe, warm and loved at Christmas time.

Don't Go (2018)

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Devastated by his daughter's death in a terrible accident, Ben becomes convinced that he can bring her back through a recurring dream. But is it just a dream? Or is Ben losing his mind?

The Delinquent Season (2017)

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Two couples (played by Andrew Scott, Cillian Murphy, Eva Birthistle and Catherine Walker) appear to live in marital bliss until cracks begin to appear in both seemingly steady marriages. ...

Zoo (2017)

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Young Tom and his misfit friends fight to save 'Buster' the baby elephant during the German air raid bombings of Belfast in 1941.

Animals (2019)

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Based on the novel ANIMALS by Emma Jane Unsworth.

The Professor and the Madman (2019)

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Professor James Murray begins work compiling words for the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary in the mid 19th century and receives over 10,000 entries from a patient at Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum , Dr William Minor.

Maze (2017)

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Inspired by the true events of the infamous 1983 prison breakout of 38 IRA prisoners from HMP, which was to become the biggest prison escape in Europe since World War II.

Peter Pan: The Quest for the Never Book (2018)

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The longest day of the year in Neverland has finally arrived. Festivities are being organized by the Red Skins and celebrations are underway. To get the best of the day filled with fun and ...

Given (2016)

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GIVEN is the story of a legacy that takes one unique family on an adventure from their home in Kauai around the world...

Requiem for a Fighter (2018)

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Lucas A former Danish Army Officer has travelled to Derry, Northern Ireland to clear up details of his...

Good Business (2017)

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Humanity makes a deal with a new client.

Halal Daddy (2017)

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While managing a run down abattoir, young Muslim Raghdan Aziz stumbles through cultural chaos and generational conflicts, dealing with enraged fathers, stoned buddies and an alleged ex-lover of his girlfriend.

Without Name (2016)

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Follows a land surveyor on an assignment to measure an ancient forest for a developer but soon loses his reason in a supernatural environment that has its own plans.

Grainne Uaile-The Movie (2018)

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The life of Grainne Uaile, the 16th century Pirate Queen from Ireland.

Conor McGregor: Notorious (2017)

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CONOR McGREGOR: NOTORIOUS, filmed over the course of 4 years, is a gripping access-all- areas account...

The Blood Artiste (2018)

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The Blood Artiste

Michael Inside (2018)

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An 18 year old man living in a Dublin housing estate with his grandfather, is caught holding drugs for his friend's older brother and is sentenced to 3 months in prison.

Demoniac (2018)

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An eccentric Youtuber is granted access to film in a house that was previously the scene of a bizarre murder.

Nails (2017)

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Paralyzed after a terrible accident, Dana struggles to regain her life and family when she encounters a malevolent ghost in her hospital room.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (2018)

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The true story of a stray dog who joins his new master on the battlefields of the First World War. For his valorous actions, Sgt. Stubby is still recognized as the most decorated dog in American history.

For Molly (2018)

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Uncertain about the future following a shock cancer diagnosis, a young father to be starts recording a series of home movie messages for soon to be born daughter in an attempt to offer some...

The Meeting (2018)

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Based upon a real-life meeting between a young sexual assault victim and her offender after his release from prison.

Nightshift (2018)

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Amy begins her first night shift in a hotel with a murderous past. Witnessing terrifying events and trapped within a loop, Amy must find a way to escape the flesh obsessed murderer and save residents of the hotel.

Papi Chulo (2018)

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A lonely TV weatherman strikes up an unusual friendship with a middle-aged Latino migrant worker.